Shield Clicker Project Final Part

It’s time for the long awaited final lesson or part of the shield clicker app I hope you guys have had a good time so far but without further ado here is the final part of our project.

To start we are going to add in 3 new variables which are pantheon abilities list and filtered pantheon abilities list as well as ability. These will allow us to pull abilities from for our last function and ability.

Now lets get started with our code. To start we need to setup code to buy our pantheon which allows us access to more abilities.

Now that we are able to purchase our pantheon we need to setup our code for our pantheon ability so that we can actually use it.

This code uses a traversal to traverse our list and select a random option. The syntax of a list starts at 0 hence I set it 0,2 because there are 3 items in the list.

It also has a timer function incorporated in it as I need to set a slight cool down before each ability proc’s.

Next we have our first ability code

This ability sends down a divine bolt of lighting which gives shields which are multiplied by any multipliers that are currently active.

Our second ability is

Is blood lust the more times they click during this ability the more the multiplier increases.

Our final ability is greed which greatly increases our multiplier but de-buffs it to half as soon as the ability is over.

That’s it for our final part of the project I hope you guys enjoyed this post and series have a good day.