How exercise affects your health and all of its benefits.

One thing before we start this post I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to upload the last part of the shield clicker project. I just really wasn’t able to find time this week but I promise it will be done by next week. But let’s continue to today’s topic.

So the reason I decided to write about this is because I’ve recently started running 2 miles after school every day and also lifting for about 30 minutes. And I’ve been noticed many many benefits. To start I’m able to fall asleep easily whereas before I was struggling and not falling asleep until 11 or even later.

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I’ll start with the running as that is something everyone can do and doesn’t require anything other than shoes. It’s okay to start slow when I started I averaged a 14 minute mile because it had been a while since I had really gone running. But in a week I’ve been able to lower that time to about 12 minutes. It just takes repetition and resilience.

It is imperative that you keep consistency in your runs and don’t try really hard one day and do 5 miles and do none for the next 2 days as this doesn’t help build any stamina. My schedule personally is 2 miles Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And I rest Sunday because that day I have other demanding physical activities to do.

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Which brings me to my next point YOU NEED TO REST! Make sure to take at least one day a week to just decompress don’t feel bad this is necessary for your body to adjust and decompress. But now I’ll go over techniques that I’ve noticed have helped me a lot. The first thing is to set a timer and a goal ahead of time which helps keep you motivated. Second drink water before you go 8 oz is the bare minimum because you will become thirsty quickly. Third stretch before and after your run because this will help your muscles relax and heal after building up all that lactic acid while running.

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Speaking of let me explain what lactic acid is. Lactic acid is essentially a substitute for the end product of cellular respiration. So a glucose molecule breaks down into pyruvate as usual in cellular respiration but after that the pyruvate breaks down into lactate. This lactate along with approximately 4 ATP molecules into your muscles as opposed to the usual 30-40 from cellular respiration. This lactate begins to build and build until it forms the acid pictured above inside your muscles. This causes that familiar burning feeling that most people feel after running or straining their muscles in some way. Which is why stretching after is important and so is drinking water because it helps move around and break down that acid. Which allows your muscles to heal faster.

But enough science for one day time to get back to the actual blog I’m now going to transition into the lifting section of the blog so if you are not interested in this part thank you for visiting this page and have a good day. For those of you interested here we go.

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The type of lifting I do is light weight and high rep or repetition. This is because I am trying to build muscle. People who lift heavy are generally already strong and are trying to go for PR’s or personal records in terms of how heavy they can lift.

To start I’ll go over a typical arm day with me. So I come back from running between 4:30 pm and 4:45 pm and then I shower and get ready by 5 pm. I then lift for about 30 minutes and then finish up my homework. During my lift sessions I start with about 25 reps of biceps curls, 25 reps or hammer curls, 25 reps of chest press, 25 reps of overhead press, 25 reps of tricep extensions, and back presses 25 reps. I do these with 10 pound weights and I do 25 each arm of course not just 25 one arm

I hope these helped out. Thats all for today have a good day and see you guys in my next post!