How the holidays will be affected by the pandemic

The holidays will be interesting this year as new rules and regulations are being put in place as the pandemic is getting worse. An example of these new laws are that if you are travelling in the united states and you are going to be staying in another state you must quarantine yourself for 14 days. This will cause lots of problems when famillies are trying to get together for the holidays.

Should You Cancel Your Holiday Gatherings This Year Because of COVID? –  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Usually when my family celebrates the holidays we visit my grandparents and other family because they live far away so we don’t get to spend much time together. But this year we cant so instead we had to celebrate thanksgiving by ourselves at our house as we could not fly or drive to their house.

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This is causing issues with many famillies as they likely had plans with loved ones over the break but because the pandemic is only getting worse these plans had to be cancelled. But on the bright side we are getting closer to getting a publicly available vaccine that will allow us to once again be able to visit our loved ones.

COVID-19: All Of Delhi Can Be Vaccinated In A Month, Says State  Immunization Officer

But for now it is essential that we keep up social distancing, wash our hands frequently, and wear masks. These are all important things to do to help slow the spread of the virus. Thanks to all the first responders and scientists out there who are on the frontlines of trying to battle this vrius. Even though it is tough we can and will get through it!

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Together we can get through this

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New WHO update on remdesivir

Recently we got information from the WHO (The world health organization) about the remdesivir antiviral drug. That it will now not be used in critical condition patients instead Pfizers new vaccine will be used in these patients.

World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) | Twitter

As you would expect this caused multiple issues and disagreements. Firstly it caused Gilead’s stock price to fall quite rapidly. This also lead to many disputes with first responders and other medical personal as they now had to get rid of all the remdesivir they had and then they bought new doses of Pfizers vaccine. Finally this lead to many disagreements not only between countries but also other companies that wanted their vaccine to be used instead or companies that supported Gileads antiviral drug over Pfizers or vice versa.

COVID vaccine update: Pfizer seeks emergency approval of its shot in the US  - ABC7 San Francisco


Gilead Sciences Statement on The World Health Organization's Updated  Veklury® (Remdesivir) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

More information about pfizers new COVID-19 vaccine and the man behind it all.

If you guys haven’t read my blog from yesterday then go check it out because it has some really important information I will not be mentioning in depth in this post

Coronavirus: BioNTech says Pfizer vaccine per-dose price will depend on  order size | Al Arabiya English

So to elaborate on my original post some more information about the vaccine and the man behind it all Ugur Sahin. In the previous post I went over some basic facts about his life and family as well as where he went to school.

But in this post I’ll be going in depth about what he does at Pfizer and his past work experience there. This is quite an interesting topic because Ugur Sahin is actually the co founder of BioNTech the company that worked with Pfizer to create this vaccine. So not only is he an executive at Pfizer he also co founded BioNTech.

BioNTech: The German company behind the potential first COVID-19 vaccine

BioNTech is based in Germany and unlike Pfizers stock it has actually gone down in value by 5$ or 5.09% so it is not doing as well at the moment. With the help of Pfizer BioNTech plans to have 50 million doses of the vaccine by 2020 for use in critical condition patients and 1.3 billion by 2021.

The vaccine has proved to work in 90% of patients and the hope is it will get to 100% at some point. And in terms of the future of BioNTech after Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci they have a daughter together who will likely succeed them and become the new CEO of the company.

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New updates on the COVID-19 Virus!

A company called Phizer recently released a COVID-19 vaccine that has taken the world by storm similarly to how Gilead’s remdesivir had. Unfortunately the vaccine is only in trials right now and is unnamed but I can give you some information on the company.

EU to buy up to 300m doses of BioNTech-Pfizer's Covid vaccine | Financial  Times

Pfizer INC is an American multinational pharmaseutical corporation. It is one of the worlds largest pharmesuetical companies and it is listed in spot 57 out of the fortune 500. With their revenue in 2019 being around 52 billion dollars. Their headquarters is located in New York, New York. And the companies stock is worth about $38.62 each and it has gone up by $1.08 recently.

Germany's immigrants save the world from Covid! Scientists Özlem Türeci and Ugur  Sahin discover vaccine | OBV

The genius scientist behind the vaccine Ugur Sahin is also an executive of the company Pfizer. He is a Turkish/German immunologist, physician, and a professor of oncology at The University of Mainz. He was born September 19, 1965 making him 55 years old he went to 2 colleges for a total of about 15 YEARS! He started college in 1984 and ended in 1999. He went to school at The university of Saarland and the University of Cologne.

COVID-19: Stay safe and healthy! - YouTube

And we will be entering the 3rd wave of the virus which will be likely the worst one as it is now flu season and determining whether someone has the flu or Covid will be very hard for doctors and physicians. This will cause them to be in even more danger than they were previously. So please remember to wash your hands, keep a 6 feet distance, AND WEAR A MASK. These precautions will all slow the spread of the virus. A special thanks to all those hard working people on the frontlines combating the virus, it is a difficult task so thank you to all the brave men, women, and non binary workers out there.

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Adventure pt.15

Today I will be going over our enemies and allowing them to be able to hit our player with their various attacks.

Without any further ado lets get started. The first thing we need to do is make a new family with the Octorock and we call this family enemies. Then we also need to make 1 new code sheet labeled enemies. (This is so that we can have a more organized code with likely less errors)

Now we need to add some code to the enemies event sheet.

The First piece of code we will use is the include Octorock event sheet this is so that any edits made on that event sheet will be automatically added to our own to add this simply right click and find include event sheet.

The next piece of code we will be using is the code that will allow us to have our enemies move across the map.

With this our enemies should be moving randomly in all directions and they will basically be self sufficient but we will need a couple more pieces of code to make them more random and quick with their turns.

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Adventure pt.14

In todays blog post we will be adding a knockback mechanic for our player so that when he is hit by either the enemy bullet or the enemy itself he takes knockback.

To do this we will need a couple key pieces of code that will basically allow this to be a function in our game.

This is the first chunk of code we will need to add. which will basically make it so that our player will not only take knockback when he is hit by enemies he will also lose health.

Next we will need to add this code.

This code will make it so that our player takes knockback from enemies weapons and other attacks as well as damage. This will be our second to last piece of code that will allow our player to take knockback.

But there is one problem the player will infinetly take knockback because of the bullet behavior we gave him so we need to add one final piece of code that will make it so that this does not become a problem.

This code will make it so that our player can only take knockback 35 pixels and then it also makes him invincible so that enemies cannot keep ping ponging him across the map unfairly.

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Adventure pt.3

Today we will be working on adding more code to our enemies including code that allows them to shoot as well as code for our player to take knockback and damage from these hits.

Now we will start with adding code for our enemies shooting.

This first piece of code has a few functions, the first is that it will only trigger once the attack timer is running, next it will spawn its bullet that will automatically begin shooting as it has a bullet behavior and it will then toggle the attack timer so that it is randomized.

With this our Octorock will be able to shoot his bullets. But they will not be able to collide with anything nor will they stop moving. So we will obviously need to add code to fix this.

This wat if our Octorock collides with anything on our layout that is a solid like our player we will be able to destroy/stop our bullet.

Finally for this post we need to add some features that allow our player to take knockback when he is hit.

So with this our player will take knockback from all of our enmies projectiles and our enemies will now shoot at our player at random intervals.

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Adventure Game pt.2

In this blog post I’ll be working on adding more to our attack feature as well as adding some code for our enemies

So lets get started. The first thing I we will have to do is now add a direction for our sword to swing. These directions will correspond to those of the actual player when he swings the sword.

Along with the above code for direction we will be adding the code below which will stop our sword.

Now that we have our direction our sword should swing in the direction we are facing. (if you are having troubles feel free to email me I will do my best to help).

Since our sword can now swing in an actual direction as opposed to randomly we can finally add some enemies to test it against. My first enemy will be an Octorock. Add it into the layout and add this highlighted code.

This will allow us to deal damage to the Octorock. And we will also be able to add a damage variable to all of our player weapons with some easy coding.

But for now all we need to do is set our Octorock health to ten and then we can test out our sword. As long as your sword works that’s all for this blog post I hope you enjoyed and I’ll have another one coming out tomorrow

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Adventure game (pt.1) New Beginnings!

Hello everyone welcome to a brand new blog post where today we will be going over the beginning of our new game called Adventure. In this game we will be following the main character that has to defeat enemies and bosses and get to save the realm. But without further ado lets get started.

The first thing we need to do is get our player moving. This is the code we will use for this.

This is the main four pieces of movement code, our character will use to move around the map. These are definitely the most important pieces of code our character needs. With these you should be able to move around. But you may notice that your character could be facing the wrong direction. This is because we didn’t use this code.

This allows our 8 direction movement to be able to sense and see which direction the player is moving in and have the character face that way, and it will also play the animation of our character walking that way.

Our next piece of code will be for our players attack.

This is also a crucial piece of code for our character as if they cannot attack they will be defenseless when being attacked by the monsters we will be adding.

This code will pin our sword to our player so that it will not spawn some place random each time we swing. Once it is pinned to our player we need to actually code that will make us swing. for this I chose the “z” key.

And it should look something like this

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