About Me

My name is Shrey and I’m a high school student with a love for coding. I code using many online software programs such as Scratch, Code.org, and various HTML compilers. For those who don’t know, Scratch is the most popular Flash game coding software on the web at the moment. Subscribers of the website make thousands upon thousands of games every day and it’s quickly becoming the gateway into the bigger world of triple-A video game making. On Scratch, I made an average of one game every month during the pandemic and through 2021 since then I have moved on to making all sorts of interesting projects in Code.org and I am now exploring HTML after taking a summer course at USC. The goal of this blog is to teach others how to do what I do. The skills I’ve learned while coding will help me in my future coding endeavors and I believe those skills, which I will be discussing here, can help others as well. If you need to contact me or if you just have any questions then email me at shrey.agarwal.ca@gmail.com. Throughout my high school career, I have been exposed to even more coding as I took AP Computer Science and work with my school’s STEM teacher to improve every day. I have begun coding a lot more with Java Script on a platform called code.org which is a free website that allows you to compile code into comprehensive apps that can be shared with others. This is where I’m going to be continuing my coding journey throughout high school. I also like to talk about some other things that I like to do such as the business I run as well as HTML coding.