A new direction for this blog

With this blog I have generally been going in one direction which is scratch as that is the language of coding that I have been the most comfortable with so far but now as I am getting older I am beginning to want to learn and understand new coding languages such as JavaScript and Python but for now I think I’ll start with Java programs and I’ll let you know what editor and software that I will use. And I will be learning with online courses but for beginners I would recommend easier courses on khan academy and other free online sites and obviously my blog. But of course It will take a while for this change to occur as it cannot be instantaneous

How will school be different this fall because of COVID-19

This fall will be a weird one for kids across the globe as school will likely not reopen and online learning will continue but if schools are opened these will likely be the best ways to do it.

#1 1/2 attendance in school

This will mean that 1/2 of the kids that go to the school will go on Monday and Wednesday and the other Half will go on Tuesday and Thursday and any days the kids do not go to school they will have online classes and both groups will have online learning on Fridays.

#2 0 attendance in school

In this type of school the kids will not go to physical school at all they will continue online learning just like in march And the teachers will also be responsible for online meetings and lessons this is likely the safest way for both students and teachers but this will mean that students will be more separated from each other and they will likely not learn as much in school because they will not really be able to communicate with teachers or other people aside from their parents to ask for help.

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Streaming Tips and tricks for beginners

First off this is primarily a guide for new streamers not really people who have experience because they will likely already know these things and as such it will not exactly be that useful for them. But anyway lets get started with this list.

#1 ALWAYS check that your mic is working

This is probably one of the most basic mistakes new streamers make they just assume that their mic is working and they start streaming but then when they end the stream or see part of it they realize their mic audio quality is Terrible. So always make sure your mic is working before you start streaming.

#2 make sure you are still recording/live

Sometimes recording software can glitch and this can cause the stream to end abruptly so make sure to check that you are streaming generally with another device that way in case your stream does abruptly stop you can just restart it.

#3 If you are playing a multiplayer game then assemble a party beforehand

This rule is a little more game specific but if you are like me and you stream multiplayer games I would recommend assembling a party beforehand on discord or some other platform where you can all talk as this will make game play more fluid for both you and the audience watching as you will not have to struggle trying to communicate with random teammates.

#4 If you want to ensure that you stay monetizied and u dont want to be distracted while streaming MUTE OUR CHAT other than teamchat obviously

So again this is a basic tip just mute the chat because people can be toxic, they can advertise things, and they can distract you. So all around it is better if you mute chat obviously don’t mute team chat but mute public chat that way you are not distracted.

#5 Always communicate w/ your teammates so that you guys dont make easy to avoid mistakes

Some obvious mistakes at least in bedwars could be placing a bad defense when your teammate was saving for a good one, taking your other teammates kill and or resources and letting the best bridger in your squad bridge.

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Best streaming gear if you don’t have a budget

Now this blog post will be similar to my last one as it will cover how to stream most efficiently and with the best gear. But this time the items will have no budget meaning they could range from prices like 0$ to 100$+ so it will be for people who don’t really have a budget. Now without further ado lets get into the list.

#1 Best Mic – Razer Seiren Elite – 159.99$

Just as with the last list we will be starting it off with the best no budget mic for streaming. Now this Mic is an absolute beast as it has extremely high quality and it has excellent sound quality along with a great user friendly interface although for me personally it is too expensive but otherwise this is an excellent choice for a mic ( also there is another version of this mic called the Razer seiren X which is 80$ and it is slightly less advanced but otherwise still a great product 2nd picture)

Picture of the Razer Seiren Elite
Picture of the Razer Seiren X

#2 Best No budget recording Software – Streamlabs OBS Prime – 12-19$ a month

For the best streaming software with no budget I have concluded that it is Streamlabs OBS Prime as it is just an even better version of Streamlabs OBS and the only thing that could beat it would be a better OBS software but there is no pro or prime version of OBS but the next best things is definitely Streamlabs OBS. It includes many special features that can make your stream all around better and it can stream in higher quality as well.

#3 Best no budget Editing Software – Filmora9 – 39.99$ Annual or 69.99$ Lifetime or Annual Bundle plan 99.87$

And Finally the best No budget Editing Software is Filmora 9/pro which has 3 different purchase options each with unique new features including all new editing features including new Animations, sound effects, filters and much much more.

How to Stream well with a 50$ or less budget

This is more of an interesting blog as it is not about coding. But as you may or may not know I recently began streaming and i wanted to figure out what the best option was for me. So as any normal person does i began to scour the internet and I began reading/looking for the best gear to stream with under a 50$ budget. Now I will also be including streaming “gear” that is good if you have a large budget or really no issues with money. Now that that is all said and done lets get to the list

And each list both the budget and non budget list will contain 3 elements: A mic, a streaming software, and an editing software. And I will be posting the No budget list tomorrow

#1 Budget mic – ZaxSound professional cardioid condenser microphone. – 34.99$

This is an excellent microphone for all of your streaming needs and it is at an affordable price. In my opinion I think it’s best feature is the fact that it is EXTREMELY portable and easy to use. And it has lots of ways that it can connect to a device for example it has a USB port as well as an audio jack which will make it more convenient as you can switch between the 2 freely.

#2 Best budget streaming software – OBS or Streamlabs OBS – FREE

Now OBS is known to many people as THE best streaming software especially for high fps or quality games as many other recording software cannot handle the high fps and quality. Now if you can i would recommend using OBS but sometimes with some devices it can have some issues and it can be hard to use so if you do not have any experience recording videos or streams I recommend starting out with Stream labs OBS.

#3 Best editing software – Filmora -FREE

Filmora is honestly a great editing tool and i use it to edit almost all of my videos and on top of that it is free so If i ever wanted to stop using it i would simply uninstall it as u never have to pay for it.

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Epic Boss Fighter Step 9: Adding In the Advanced Mech Bullet movement code

I know this blog has a pretty long title but basically we will be adding in the advanced Mech bullets code that will allow it to function not just as a purchasable item but as an actual bullet.

To start we will need to make it so that the bullet does not work until it is purchased from the shop.

So to do that we will have to add this code

And with this piece of code we will be able to make sure that the Advanced Mech bullet only works on certain pieces of code. Now that we have this we can start adding the actual code to our bullet

With this code our sprite will actually move along with our Mech so it appears as if it is actually moving with it.

Next we need to add the code that makes it start in the same place as our original bullets.

So now once we have purchased the bullet it will create a clone of itself and then we will add code to make that clone move

This code that will allow the bullet to go to Goldur and Vrunzol

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