How the new valorant agent Killjoy was created

Check Out Valorant's New Agent's Abilities in This Full Killjoy ...

As you may or may not know valorant will be getting a new agent named Killjoy. Killjoy is a support/defense character as she does not have many offensive abilities her main focus is to defend sights or help her teammates by placing down turrets and landmines that are invisible. First we will go over her abilities then we will go more in depth on how she was created and rendered in unreal engine.

All 4 Killjoy Abilities Explained | VALORANT Agent
Yes I am aware it says Stealth Drone but this is what the alarm bots concept art looks like. below is the actual in game bot.
Abilities For New VALORANT Agent Killjoy Have Leaked | TheGamer
Actual in game alarm bot

Killjoys first ability is an alarm bot similar to that of razes boom bot which explodes on contact dealing massive damage. But Killjoys 1 up’s raze in this field because her alarm bot is invisible, it deals lots of damage, and it causes enemies who are caught by it to take double damage for the duration of the vulnerable effect. This alarm bot is excellent for setting up sights for your team and it makes it very difficult for enemies to plant the spike when they cannot even enter the site. Also one thing that makes killjoy unique is that ALL of Killjoys abilities can be recalled by her (except for her ultimate obviously). Meaning that if she ever needed to reposition her alarm bot or any ability she can pick it up and move it.

All 4 Killjoy Abilities Explained | VALORANT Agent
Turret concept art
Killjoy's abilities in Valorant | AllGamers
In game turret

Killjoys second ability is a turret that she can place anywhere on the map and it is mostly again useful for defense more than offense as it doesn’t deal very much damage and it only shoots in 3-shot bursts. Just as with the alarm bot the turret can be recalled as long as it has not been destroyed. this turret is excellent for scouting ahead of Killjoy as if it is shot down then you know where at least 1 enemy is and if it is not destroyed then it will either kill an enemy or there are not any enemies there.

Riot Games accidentally leaks new 'Valorant' agent, Killjoy
Nanoswarm in game

Killjoys next and most devastating ability is her nanoswarm this is similar to razes grenade but again it is a trap so it is invisible. Once it has been thrown and it hits the ground it will become invisible. If someone walks into its detonation range you can activate it and it will explode dealing massive amounts of damage and basically instantly killing anyone in its range.

New Valorant agent Killjoy abilities revealed through leak
lockdown killjoy ultimate in game

This is Killjoys final ability and to say the least it is OP. First of all the range as depicted by this picture of haven

Watch the official trailer for Killjoy, the latest 'Valorant' agent

Is INSANE it covers more than the entire site which means that this site will be almost impossible to attack for at least 8 seconds as any enemy who walks into this will get numerous debuffs including slowness and likely a stun that will disorient players making it very easy to pick them off.

Well this took a lot longer than i thought it would so we will go over how all of this was made, rendered, and developed in unreal engine in tomorrows blog post.

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How valorant was made pt 3

If you haven’t read my previous blogs The massively popular multiplayer game Valorant then I have already explained how Valorant was made in unreal engine and how they got the voice actors for each of the 11 characters but I haven’t gone over how the game was marketed and tested. Well the devs of Valorant did an excellent job marketing I can personally say I saw ads for the game on you tube more than 3 times a day following its release and it persuaded me an millions of others to download the game.

Also another amazing marketing strategy they used was they made it so that the game was free to install and play. Meaning that anyone could play the game as soon as it was installed and they made it so that paying to win was impossible because there were no items/abilities that you could buy to enhance your characters. Their ingame purchases however were very enticing because the skins they made/developed were AMAZING and they often had great animations and abilities that made them worth lots of money. And as a result Valorant made tons of profit.

Now one way they bug tested the game that was completely genius is they made it early access and allowed some players/streamers to play early access which did 3 things. 1. More free advertising for the game through streamers. 2. More hype for the game as all popular streamers were playing it. 3. FREE bug testing. The first 2 points are other marketing tactics that Riot Games the creators of valorant used to make even more players/people want to get their game and they used streamers and early access players help them by playing the game and subsequently discover bugs they found while streaming. When these bugs were discovered they were patched that way these would not be a problem once the game came out globally.

Finally Riot Games did an excellent job when it comes to developing a unique battle system which has to do with economy as well as FPS skill. Because even great FPS players will lose to players with a superior economy because this will allow them to spend their credits wisely when buying guns each round and as a result they will never run out of credits. Also this plays a role in team strategy as you do not want your team to be low on credits EVER as this gives the enemy team a considerable advantage. And buying your teammates guns and requesting guns is a good way to help the poorer players in a round and a way to balance a teams economy.

How Valorant was made pt.2

As i mentioned in my previous post Valorant was made with the coding language c++ and in the unreal engine developed by epic games. As you likely know valorant is one of the most popular games out there right now and you can learn how to make a game like this as well! Thanks to programming courses and engine like unreal engine

File:Unreal Engine Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

With this engine you can design characters and code for your very own game. the developers of valorant worked countless hours making the designs and outlines of all 11 characters in valorant phoenix, sova, breach, raze, reyna, jett, brimstone, omen, sage, cypher, and viper. It took lots of time to come up with the final designs in unreal engine.

ArtStation - VALORANT character art. Raze, Suke ∷

The developers next task was to create voice lines for each character and then finding people to fill these roles. For phoenix they chose Afolabi Alli, For Brimstone they chose Steve Blum, For Viper they chose Ashly Burch, For Cypher they chose Nabil Eluoahabi, For Omen they chose Jason Marnocha, For Breach they chose David Menkin, For Raze they chose Carolina Ravassa, For Sova they chose Aaron Vodovoz, For Jett they chose Shannon Williams, For Sage they chose Naomi Yang, And Finally for Reyna they chose Carolina Ravassa once again.

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How Valorant was MADE!

Now I bet most of you have heard of the new very popular game valorant. It is sweeping the nation and it already has millions of people playing. This awesome 5v5 tactical shooter game was globally released for FREE on June 2, 2020.

Valorant Logo Vector (.SVG) Free Download

Valorant was made with C++ which is the same code/language that Minecraft was made in this language is very common for game developers and Valorant is no different. Valorant was made in unreal engine which was developed by epic games which is the team who made Fortnite.

This is a fortnite logo by Diaz950

I was inspired to start learning C++ with unreal engine after working for some time with javascript and learning that Valorant was made in C++ as well as minecraft which are and forever will be 2 of my all time favorite games.

in unreal engine there are lots of features and amazing tips and tools that you can use to make your very own amazing game. There are 2 options for your game a free game that you can make and you make no money on it or a game where you pay epic games 5% of your profits.

How School will be for everyone in August

Now I know I talked about how school will be a little while ago but that was about how we will go back this blog will be about how kids will likely do in their learning. It is very likely that kids will need lots of refreshers on basic things because they will have done very little learning during the summer and as such kids will likely have a hard time adjusting to learning and school. It will also be difficult for most kids to get even sub par grades because school feels so foreign to them after doing basically 0 learning for about 6 months.

F grade on line paper with red pen Royalty Free Vector Image

Now I know this generally happens every summer but it will be especially bad this year because kids are used to being able to do whatever they want at home. and this is of no fault of their own or their parents because usually they are totally free at home other than homework but having to actually go to online zoom classes and take tests and actually learn at home is not what they were taught throughout their lives so it will be difficult to adjust. Another prime example of this is how poorly kids did this year in their final quarter in some studies they estimate kids average GPA went from a 3.5 to as low as a 2.0 just because they did not want to try and schools made the foolish decision to lower the grade you need to fail. At my school you need below a 30% to fail but they made it easier on students and made it 20% so instead of a low F u need an F- to fail.

Zoom Like a Pro | 2020-03-30 | Walls & Ceilings

Finally one thing that schools must do if they want to continue SUCCESSFUL online learning they must make zoom lessons/meetings mandatory. Because from personal experience I know that at least 60% of the kids in my class didn’t go to a single zoom meeting because the schools specified that they were not mandatory. Which means they didn’t have to attend the lessons or learn anything because they were not required to. And these are middle schooler’s if they don’t have to go to school they wont they aren’t mature enough to make those types of decisions.

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Guide for JavaScript beginners

As you may or may not know I have just started learning java script and I figured that many people want to learn java script but they are not exactly sure about how they should start and where. So I have compiled a guide on some of the best places to begin your java script journey. But without any further ado lets get started.

Khan Academy

Now I know many of you have heard of Khan Academy as it is a great source for online learning but you may not know that they have an excellent course for beginners-advanced javascripters. (I am not sure that is a word but I don’t really mind) These courses are great and each section specializes in certain aspects. The first section is mostly about drawing and beginning to animate things you create. The second section focuses mostly on game development and more advanced lines/pieces of code. And the final section is about very advanced movement and adding sounds and other features to make your java script code look more professional

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is kind of similar to Khan Academy because well it is free and also it has a similar structure to Khan Academy as it starts with the basics of drawing and animation and it works its way up to more advanced things like actual game design and more advanced animations as well as a little bit of web design. One other benefit of free code camp is the fact that they not only offer courses in javascript they offer courses in html and many other coding languages.

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The second wave of the corona virus

Now some people may know but plagues like the corona virus come in waves and beginning around mid march this year until about mid June was the first wave of the corona virus because it was the period of time where there was basically a lockdown across the globe and people did not leave their homes. But now as we enter into July things are opening up once again and the cases of corona virus keep spiking (at the time of writing this there are 10, 972, 829 confirmed corona virus cases globally). With this second wave there will be a spike in Cases as kids will likely go back to school which could cause lots of problems

Once this spike occurs schools and public areas will likely be shut down and we will go back into a lock down state where people will have to quarantine themselves once again which will likely cause lots of frustration for people as they had just been free for the duration of summer but they are once again forced to go into quarantine because there was almost no social distancing during the spike as people had just come out of quarantine and they have little care about rules after seeing friends or family for the first time in 6 months

The economy will also crash once again and companies will likely have to let go of some more people or cut salaries. And if this happens unemployment and poverty will drastically increase everywhere and as such the entire world will once again go into a chaotic state.

Although this chaos can be prevented quite simpl if the governemnet doe