New game!

Hey everyone I know it has been a while since I made my last game and now I have finally made a new game after my Mario project. It is an adventure themed game similar to the legend of zelda series and here are some image of it. I will be posting actual code blogs about it starting tomorrow.

and of course here is the download link for the base project

Make sure to be using the newest version of construct and you may need a code for all the features but I hope you enjoy this games code.

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Best strategies for Hypixel Bedwars!

If you have been watching my youtube channel anytime recently you probably have seen my videos and streams on hypixel bedwars. And I employ these strategies so that I can do my best to win.

Here's the Hypixel logo (with transparency!) | Hypixel - Minecraft Server  and Maps

The first strategy is that you should always take out the team next to you before you do anything else. As if you don’t there is a very high possibility that they will come rush you and this will result in you losing your bed minutes into the match. There are a couple ways to accomplish this. The first method is speed bridging directly to their base like this

What God bridging looks like in Bedwars - YouTube

Another way to rush is through the dia mond gen although this does require you to make 2 bridges.

Finally the least common way to rush is by tnt jumping or fireball jumping which requires you to place either tnt or a fireball below you and then use its blast force to boost you. Although generally you have to build a partial bridge before you can do these.

Now that you have gotten to the enemies base you are probably wondering how you should go about breaking their bed. Well first off you should learn the 3 most common bed defense types.

First off is the wool and wood combo defense

A Bedwars guide (a starter guide to everything you need to know!) | Hypixel  - Minecraft Server and Maps

This bed defense is practical and better than just plain wool but it is still unable able to withstand a tnt or a fireball.

Next we have the old faithful AKA a plain wool defense

My final tip for bedwars is that if you are playing solo’s or duos then you should always quickly defend the bed and then rush the team(s) next to you before they can rush you as this will allow you to already have a bridge to them whilst they are still attempting to defend their bed and they will have to attack you without any real plan or course of action.

These strategies are all amazing but there is one type of strategy that not many guides talk about. Which is strategies for when you have already lost your bed. These types of games are called clutch games because once you die you will not be able to respawn. My main recommendation is to get diamond armor or ender pearls. The diamond armor is good if you know that you will be able to hold your own in a pvp encounter. and pearls are good if you think you would be better off running instead of fighting.

Rushing Diamond Armor in Bedwars | solo bedwars commentary - YouTube
ENDER PEARLS COLLIDE = BAD TIME - Minecraft Bed Wars - YouTube

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