Creating my new minecraft server!

If you guys remember before quarantine in late 2019 I made a Minecraft server for bedrock edition. But unfortunately because of not only quarantine but some technical diffuculties caused me to cancel this project/server so now I am going to be making a minecraft java edition server.

So this post will be an update on my progress over the next couple of months.

But the first thing you need to do before starting you very own server is learn how to set up a functioning server. This will require you to have a hosting company/website. But seeing as my server is quite small I am using this great free website called aternos.

Aternos | Minecraft servers. Free. Forever.

This website allows you to have a free server hosted with up to about 100 players with all the forge mods that you would need. It also allows you to do lots of things on your server that would usually cost money with other hosting services.

I will be using this hosting website along with forge to create my server and it should be up an functional by the end of the year hopefully.

That’s pretty much it this post was just an update on how I will be restarting my server on Minecraft java edition. Check out my YouTube channel where I upload daily livestreams or videos.