How I find time to manage our Peerspace listing

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I’ll be explaining to you all how I find time in my busy schedule to manage our Peerspace listing so that I can keep my business running successfully.

If you are new to the blog or are unaware I am a high school sophomore taking 1 AP class and all honors as well as a national-level debater, and robotics business manager of a team going to the world finals this year go team 2637!, and I am on a national level Cyber Patriots team who placed in the top 200 worldwide last season. I “work” about 75-80 hours a week and I often have tournaments for my activities on the weekends.

With all of this going on you would think it is hard to manage our listing at the same time but, I’ve learned some key tips that will help any host improve their guest retention rate.

First, a good way to find time to respond to guests on Peerspace is by turning on notifications for the app. This may seem extremely simple but it is very helpful as it will notify you whenever you get any message from Peerspace just as you would a text. this will allow you to respond to guests frequently which increases the likelihood that they will book with you. A quick response rate is also a requirement to become a power host.

Next, I recommend that you spend at least 1 hour a month planning out the following month so that you as a host know when you can rent out your space. This will save you and potential guests time as they will not have to guess when you are available. If for example, a guest book with you on days you are not available and you cancel it will be noted by Peerspace and any more than 1 cancellation per quarter (90 days) will result in an inability to become a power host until the next quarter rolls around. This is a huge detriment to your listing and reputation as power hosts receive significantly more bookings and advertising from Peerspace.

Finally, I would recommend that you don’t stress about getting a lot of bookings early on and instead focus on making sure that the bookings that you do get go extremely well. This will lead to higher reviews and more bookings as you will become more well-known and those high ratings will move you up in the various categories in your area.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you next time!

Why I setup my Peerspace account the way I did

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post! In todays blog post I wanted to give you all some insight into how and why I setup my Peerspace account under my father.

There were 3 main reasons that I chose to do it this way. Firstly was the fact that I am of course, still a minor and it would not make sense to most people that I am running a business like this. Which would lead to less bookings and less trust in our listing. It also would seem suspicious to anyone looking at the property if it did not appear to be under an adult.

Secondly we chose to setup the account this way because of our banking and tax situation. I have my own bank account however, I do not use it frequently and I certainly have no clue how to file a tax return. But thankfully my dad does file his taxes yearly and so it makes it considerably easier to manage all the money we generate by having it under his name as he can include it in the taxes that he already files.

Finally we setup the account this way to essentially keep my online image away from others. While I do have a youtube channel, I don’t have that much of an online presence. The thing I am the most related to is this blog post but, other than that I don’t really make too much content, or many appearances on the internet. So my parents felt that it was best for it to stay that way at least until I am an adult. Which is why our account is under my dad. I still am able to manage bookings and send messages to guests that way my parents don’t have to with their already busy schedules. And they make sure I help out by cleaning up after the fact.

If you are a minor who is also interested in starting a business like this, then I would sincerely recommend that you setup your account in a similar way so that you can avoid any issues I mentioned above.

I hope you all enjoyed and I’ll see you next time! If you found this post interesting make sure to check out one of my other posts, like the one where I explain how I became a Peerspace power host in my first 6 months using the site!