How to become a Peer Space Power Host!

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new blog post! Today I’ll be going over the specific requirements that need to be met in order to become a power host on Peer Space.

There are 4 main requirements that Peer Space has set to become a power host. They are as it follows A high response rate, A high review score, # of cancellations, and # of accepted bookings per quarter.

For the response rate it must be over 90% and we met the threshold for this requirement barely. By only 1% as we responded to 91% of messages.

The next requirement, Average Review Score, talks about the average rating of your property by clients on a 1-5 star scale basis. The best way to achieve this is to be extremely kind and patient with clients. We make sure to accommodate all of their needs during all bookings.

The next criteria is # of cancellations. the goal is 0 but 1 is ok which is what we have currently. Make sure to not accept any bookings that you are unable to accommodate which is basically the only way to prevent having cancellations.

The final criteria are the number of accepted bookings per quarter. The benchmark is 5 bookings per quarter. we hit 6 this quarter and we are looking forward to continuing with these numbers in the future.

Sorry that this post wasn’t that long but I will be making a new one shortly.

I hope you all enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time!