Adventure pt.15

Today I will be going over our enemies and allowing them to be able to hit our player with their various attacks.

Without any further ado lets get started. The first thing we need to do is make a new family with the Octorock and we call this family enemies. Then we also need to make 1 new code sheet labeled enemies. (This is so that we can have a more organized code with likely less errors)

Now we need to add some code to the enemies event sheet.

The First piece of code we will use is the include Octorock event sheet this is so that any edits made on that event sheet will be automatically added to our own to add this simply right click and find include event sheet.

The next piece of code we will be using is the code that will allow us to have our enemies move across the map.

With this our enemies should be moving randomly in all directions and they will basically be self sufficient but we will need a couple more pieces of code to make them more random and quick with their turns.

With that todays blog will be over thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Link to my yt channel