Valorants new sentinel

Hello and welcome back to another blog post. today’s blog was supposed to be part 9 of our shield clicker project however I am not feeling well. Thankfully it isnt covid but it is a nasty ear infection. I should however be able to have that post up tomorrow so stay tuned.

This new agents name is chamber and he hails from France. He has 4 abilities just like every other agent. So lets dive right into them.

L'Accord - Chamber Agent Trailer // VALORANT - YouTube

His first ability is called “Trademark” and it is a small robot that scans for enemies and then explodes into a large radius slow it also alerts chamber. Which is a quite useful ability similar to cyphers tripwires.

Valorant's New Agent is Called Chamber; Here Are All the Abilities and  Ultimate | Beebom

His next ability is called “Headhunter” it is a pistol that he can summon when the player presses q. This makes chamber the only agent that can use 3 guns in one round. This pistol is very similar to the sheriff and costs credits for each bullet.

Chamber New Visual Bug With Headhunter!!! (FIXED) - YouTube

Chambers 3rd ability is called “Rendezvous” This allows chamber to put down and pickup 2 teleport points that he can move between when inside a certain radius around them by clicking E.

Valorant Chamber Guide: How to play with the agent on Ascent

Chambers final ability is his ultimate called “Tour de Force”. It allows him to summon a sniper rifle with a limited ammo supply that is similar to the operator. Making him not only the only agent that can use 3 weapons but also the only agent that can use 4 weapons.

VALORANT new agent Chamber: A charming defense monster

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post sorry it was kind of short I am just really not feeling well I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and stay safe.