Valorant Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new post sorry I haven’t been writing as much recently it’s just been a new semester at school and I’ve been focusing on that at the moment. But for now, let’s get into this blog post. So I have been playing Valorant since its release. And overall that time I learned some pretty useful tricks that can be implemented into your gameplay at every rank.

Abilities can be bound to secondary buttons.

We all know that you can change the keybindings of your abilities but it turns out that you can actually choose a secondary binding for them as well. This may not seem useful at first but in certain situations, it can make all the difference. For example, you can bind Reyna’s to dismiss to the left mouse button. This would make it so that the instant you kill someone you dismiss away. Which could save your life constantly in tough situations.

The Best Valorant Keybinds - WhatIfGaming
The second row is where you can bind a secondary key to an ability
There are headshot indicators on every map

Believe it or not on every map in Valorant there are certain discreet markings that indicate what vertical level to hold your crosshair at. For example on Haven, there are boxes on A, long that have lines between them that line up exactly with a player’s head.

Riot Dev Raises the Curtain on Crosshair Placement in Valorant
Headshot box on Haven

This was in fact confirmed by a developer and these lines were put in the game on purpose.

How to Eco in Val

In Valorant economy is extremely important as it determines what weapons you and your team as well as your enemies have and can afford. If you lose your first round then you should save your credits second round and not buy or buy a sheriff if you are confident you will hit your shots, get kills, and win the round as they are a large investment early game. If you win the first round you can either save or force buy which is recommended so that you can deplete your enemies’ eco even more. The third round is called bonus in which everyone should be able to buy at least a spectre and light shields. After this based on your team’s money you should discuss with them what to do with creds.

Money and Mayhem: a Valorant Economy Guide | EarlyGame

I hope everyone has a good day catch you next time!