My summer plans!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Today I am going to be sharing my summer plans with all of you in case you are looking for ideas in the future.
I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the UCLA SCIP (summer college immersion program) for this summer. I will be taking 2 classes there, econ 101 and US political science, I’m looking forward to delving deeper into these fascinating subjects with some of the top professors in the field. And I will also be able to spend time touring the campus and talking to other professors as well as faculty.

Another one of the great things about the UCLA Summer College Immersion Program is that there are a wide variety of courses and activities available to students. In addition to my academic classes, I’ll have the opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars, and other events designed to enhance my learning experience. For example, I’m excited to attend a workshop on study skills and time management, which will be invaluable as I navigate the rigorous coursework of college.

Outside of the classroom, there are also plenty of fun activities to keep me busy. UCLA has a beautiful campus with lots of great amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center and a variety of sports fields and courts. I’m planning to take advantage of these resources by playing pick-up basketball and going for runs around campus. There are also plenty of student clubs and organizations to get involved with, from the debate team to the environmental club.

As for the on-campus lifestyle and dorms, the UCLA Summer College Immersion Program provides a true college experience. I’ll be living in a dormitory with other students who are also attending the program. This will give me the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships. The dorms are located on campus, so I’ll be just a short walk away from my classes and all the activities that UCLA has to offer.

The dorms themselves are comfortable and well-appointed. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser. There is also a shared bathroom on each floor and common areas where students can relax and socialize. The program staff are on-hand to provide support and guidance to students, and there are also resident advisors who are there to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable.

Living on campus will also give me the chance to experience college life outside of the classroom. There are a wide variety of activities and events available to students, from movie nights to talent shows to intramural sports. There are also plenty of dining options on campus, including cafes, food courts, and restaurants. And as I mentioned earlier, the campus itself is beautiful, with plenty of green space and outdoor areas to explore.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the immersive college experience that the UCLA Summer College Immersion Program provides. Living on campus and taking academic courses will give me a taste of what college life is really like, and I’m excited to make the most of this opportunity.

I hope you all enjoyed and have a good day!