Unfortunate update on my business

Hello everyone I am back with another blog post, unfortunately, today this post is kind of sad for me to write about as I have some bad news. I have had to cancel my booking on Swimply and Peerspace due to an anonymous complaint about our property.

We did not actually do anything wrong but where we live in Ranchos Palos Verdes there is some iffy code on rentals and how they must be a minimum of 30 days and people misunderstood what our business was as we never rented out our house like an Airbnb. This however was not understood and despite hiring a lawyer to rebut the claims we were unsuccessful.

I started this business with the intent to generate some income for my family after we moved, as we had lots of work to do, and my parents and I were adjusting so I figured I should try and make some money. I realized that I would not be able to get a job so I decided to start my Swimply and Peerspace business around June 2022.

I had a pretty decent run and I was able to achieve some of my large goals such as becoming a power host on Peerspace. I also was able to make roughly 20 thousand dollars which was way more than I would have ever made working a minimum wage job for a few months.

Sorry this blog post has been pretty short I’m just a bit disheartened by the whole situation but I will be back with another business prospect in the future, for now, I hope you have a great day and Ill see you all next time!