The future use of robots from dancing to parkour

This is quite a long and general topic but I figured to mention all the innovative ways robots are being used all around the world for lots of different causes. The inspiration for the title of this video is the company Boston Dynamics who created both robots that can dance and also those that can traverse obstacle courses and take hits.

Link to dancing video:

Link to parkour robot video:

Boston Dynamics isn’t the only company out there working with robots however they are doing it in a very unique way. More mainstream uses of robots is that of workers in factories. A company that is really utilizing these robots is Tesla.

As you can see these massive robots are working on cars that are in production and are helping do these monotonous tasks that are repeated countless times. So that humans are able to do the tasks that require more rationale.

These however are massive companies that employ lots of people so of course, they can afford to buy and create these massive robots. However, there are examples all over the world of how robots are being used to solve problems without being very expensive.

One example of this type of company is Pololu which is based n Las Vegas, Nevada.

They created a robot that is affordable and can run the same programs and languages as a large robot. Which makes them great test dummies. As a company could buy a few of these robots and have their new programmers practice on these small robots that way in case something went wrong the company would lose 50$ instead of thousands.

Romi robot

In fact, these same romi robots are used by our school robotics team to train people who are new and interested in coding. Once they pass all the challenges on these robots they are allowed to work on the main robot.

Another way robots are being used now is as test dummies for car crashes. These dummies are rigged with hundreds of sensors that record the force at which they are hit when a car gets into a crash. This helps people learn just how safe cars are and how that safety can be improved.

The main party that tests cars that come out each year is the NHTSA aka the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They have tested hundreds of cars and determined which ones are the safest over the years. A few cars have even gotten their coveted 5-star safety rating.

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