Java Script Lesson 4: Using the App maker Screen! and beginning of our calculator app

In this lesson we will finally be using the actual app maker screen to make some real running code and this will be our final lesson before we make our calculator. Because it wont make much sense if we don’t know how to use the screen it will be made on.

Our first main screen items will be buttons. These will be what trigger actions on our screen. Making them an essential part of our overall app. To access the layout of our screen we will need to select the design tab. Like this:

This now gives us access to all the possible items that we can add to our screen I will begin to make the base shape of our calculator. Using the image item in our toolbox.

This is how I decided to design my basic calculator screen but you can design it however you would like. These buttons don’t actually do anything so I will need to add my own buttons on top of them to actually start coding but I will do that later. As far as this lesson goes That’s all we really need to do as each persons calculator design will likely be different.

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