How I made MARIO in Construct V3 Pt.6 (Getting rich with coins and breaking blocks)

As you can probably tell from the title in this blog we will be making it so that Mario will be able to collect coins and this will also add to his score. So lets get started

Obviously we need to start with an event and that will be” cPlayer on collision with coin” we will then add some actions these will be as follows set bullet enabled for our coin, set bullet angle to 270 degrees, wait 0.25 seconds , then destroy the coin, and call function COIN.

Next we will need to add code for our COIN Function and it’ll look somethign like this.

Now our first step is to play the sound that way we make it a little bit more obvious we collected the coin next we will set our text which will be x coins and then we will add 50 to score for each coin and 1 to coins

For our final portion of this blog we will be creating code for Mario to break blocks on the map. It is pretty easy first we need to add 2 events cplayer collision with bricks and Y < Player Y and this will allow us to break the bricks once our head hits them.

Now since we want it to be cool and detailed we will once again add sounds. After we add our brick break sound we will spawn a broken brick ontop of the real brick as soon as it breaks. We will set the angle of the broken brick and then we will destroy the real brick and it should look something like this.

First the brick is broken then the little brick shards fall off the screen.

Thank you all for reading this blog I hope you enjoyed. check out my YT channel @Drago Gaming link: