New updates on the COVID-19 Virus!

A company called Phizer recently released a COVID-19 vaccine that has taken the world by storm similarly to how Gilead’s remdesivir had. Unfortunately the vaccine is only in trials right now and is unnamed but I can give you some information on the company.

EU to buy up to 300m doses of BioNTech-Pfizer's Covid vaccine | Financial  Times

Pfizer INC is an American multinational pharmaseutical corporation. It is one of the worlds largest pharmesuetical companies and it is listed in spot 57 out of the fortune 500. With their revenue in 2019 being around 52 billion dollars. Their headquarters is located in New York, New York. And the companies stock is worth about $38.62 each and it has gone up by $1.08 recently.

Germany's immigrants save the world from Covid! Scientists Özlem Türeci and Ugur  Sahin discover vaccine | OBV

The genius scientist behind the vaccine Ugur Sahin is also an executive of the company Pfizer. He is a Turkish/German immunologist, physician, and a professor of oncology at The University of Mainz. He was born September 19, 1965 making him 55 years old he went to 2 colleges for a total of about 15 YEARS! He started college in 1984 and ended in 1999. He went to school at The university of Saarland and the University of Cologne.

COVID-19: Stay safe and healthy! - YouTube

And we will be entering the 3rd wave of the virus which will be likely the worst one as it is now flu season and determining whether someone has the flu or Covid will be very hard for doctors and physicians. This will cause them to be in even more danger than they were previously. So please remember to wash your hands, keep a 6 feet distance, AND WEAR A MASK. These precautions will all slow the spread of the virus. A special thanks to all those hard working people on the frontlines combating the virus, it is a difficult task so thank you to all the brave men, women, and non binary workers out there.

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