Shield Clicker Project Part 6

Welcome back to another blog post today we will be adding another new mechanic to our game The Prestige shop. In this shop once players reach 1 million shields they will be able to trade in 100,000 shields for 1 ptoken that can be used to purchase special upgrades and abilities.

We will need to add 3 main new elements and 1 new screen

These are the names of the 3 new elements

And this will be the name of our new screen.

To start we need to code our Prestige shop button to only appear when we have reached 1 million shields

The above code will first check if we have greater than or equal to 1 milion shields. If that is the case it will hide my original title and show the Prestige shop button like this.

Then with the code below it we will be able to go the prestige shop show our exchange element and show ptokens text which allows the user to see how many ptokens they have.

There is also an information bubble in the prestige shop that explains how the exchange button works. As well as a home button that brings the user back to the main shield clicker page.

And I started the UI development for the Prestige shop however I have not added much yet only the first ptoken item which is like a sneak peek for the next lesson

You guys will get to see what this does next part of the project

Thank you all for reading and be sure to come back for the next part of this project.