How I made MARIO in Construct V3 Pt.8 (Mushroom pt.2)

In my last blog post we added a mushroom powerup and we made it possible to hit question blocks that drop coins. And in this blog I’ll be making it so that our mushroom powerup actually does something and I’ll be adding a powerup that allows Mario to shoot fireballs. But without any further ado lets get started.

So first we need to make it so that when our player runs into our mushroom it actually does something. To do that we will use this code.

As always before we do anything but we need to add an event that will trigger the actions and our events will be cPlayer on collision with mushroom and animation used is not playing. Now the second event/second condition will make sense once we add the events so lets start by setting Mario’s health to 2 next we will play animation used this way we cannot keep adding health or other abilities to Mario. Next just as we did with the enemies hitting our mushroom will throw Mario up in the air. And to make it so that our mushroom falls through the platform we will make its collisions disabled. Now we want to test our code before we continue.

So it should look like this ingame

So now we know our code works and we can add more to it.

Now we need to add some score when we hit the mushroom so we need to have it spawn a score pop up and then we have to set that pop ups text to enemies.bonus. And then we need to add Enemies.bonus to our score then we will wait 0.5 seconds and delete our mushroom.

Thank you all fro reading this blog I hope you enjoyed. check out my yt channel @Drago Gaming link :

Also huge shout out to Raymond Roque at gamegen for lots of help with this game thanks for your help.