How School will be for everyone in August

Now I know I talked about how school will be a little while ago but that was about how we will go back this blog will be about how kids will likely do in their learning. It is very likely that kids will need lots of refreshers on basic things because they will have done very little learning during the summer and as such kids will likely have a hard time adjusting to learning and school. It will also be difficult for most kids to get even sub par grades because school feels so foreign to them after doing basically 0 learning for about 6 months.

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Now I know this generally happens every summer but it will be especially bad this year because kids are used to being able to do whatever they want at home. and this is of no fault of their own or their parents because usually they are totally free at home other than homework but having to actually go to online zoom classes and take tests and actually learn at home is not what they were taught throughout their lives so it will be difficult to adjust. Another prime example of this is how poorly kids did this year in their final quarter in some studies they estimate kids average GPA went from a 3.5 to as low as a 2.0 just because they did not want to try and schools made the foolish decision to lower the grade you need to fail. At my school you need below a 30% to fail but they made it easier on students and made it 20% so instead of a low F u need an F- to fail.

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Finally one thing that schools must do if they want to continue SUCCESSFUL online learning they must make zoom lessons/meetings mandatory. Because from personal experience I know that at least 60% of the kids in my class didn’t go to a single zoom meeting because the schools specified that they were not mandatory. Which means they didn’t have to attend the lessons or learn anything because they were not required to. And these are middle schooler’s if they don’t have to go to school they wont they aren’t mature enough to make those types of decisions.

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