Guide for JavaScript beginners

As you may or may not know I have just started learning java script and I figured that many people want to learn java script but they are not exactly sure about how they should start and where. So I have compiled a guide on some of the best places to begin your java script journey. But without any further ado lets get started.

Khan Academy

Now I know many of you have heard of Khan Academy as it is a great source for online learning but you may not know that they have an excellent course for beginners-advanced javascripters. (I am not sure that is a word but I don’t really mind) These courses are great and each section specializes in certain aspects. The first section is mostly about drawing and beginning to animate things you create. The second section focuses mostly on game development and more advanced lines/pieces of code. And the final section is about very advanced movement and adding sounds and other features to make your java script code look more professional

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is kind of similar to Khan Academy because well it is free and also it has a similar structure to Khan Academy as it starts with the basics of drawing and animation and it works its way up to more advanced things like actual game design and more advanced animations as well as a little bit of web design. One other benefit of free code camp is the fact that they not only offer courses in javascript they offer courses in html and many other coding languages.

Thats it for this blog postI hope you learned about these great free coding programs and make sure to check out my YT channel @Drago gaming link: