How will school be different this fall because of COVID-19

This fall will be a weird one for kids across the globe as school will likely not reopen and online learning will continue but if schools are opened these will likely be the best ways to do it.

#1 1/2 attendance in school

This will mean that 1/2 of the kids that go to the school will go on Monday and Wednesday and the other Half will go on Tuesday and Thursday and any days the kids do not go to school they will have online classes and both groups will have online learning on Fridays.

#2 0 attendance in school

In this type of school the kids will not go to physical school at all they will continue online learning just like in march And the teachers will also be responsible for online meetings and lessons this is likely the safest way for both students and teachers but this will mean that students will be more separated from each other and they will likely not learn as much in school because they will not really be able to communicate with teachers or other people aside from their parents to ask for help.

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