How to Stream well with a 50$ or less budget

This is more of an interesting blog as it is not about coding. But as you may or may not know I recently began streaming and i wanted to figure out what the best option was for me. So as any normal person does i began to scour the internet and I began reading/looking for the best gear to stream with under a 50$ budget. Now I will also be including streaming “gear” that is good if you have a large budget or really no issues with money. Now that that is all said and done lets get to the list

And each list both the budget and non budget list will contain 3 elements: A mic, a streaming software, and an editing software. And I will be posting the No budget list tomorrow

#1 Budget mic – ZaxSound professional cardioid condenser microphone. – 34.99$

This is an excellent microphone for all of your streaming needs and it is at an affordable price. In my opinion I think it’s best feature is the fact that it is EXTREMELY portable and easy to use. And it has lots of ways that it can connect to a device for example it has a USB port as well as an audio jack which will make it more convenient as you can switch between the 2 freely.

#2 Best budget streaming software – OBS or Streamlabs OBS – FREE

Now OBS is known to many people as THE best streaming software especially for high fps or quality games as many other recording software cannot handle the high fps and quality. Now if you can i would recommend using OBS but sometimes with some devices it can have some issues and it can be hard to use so if you do not have any experience recording videos or streams I recommend starting out with Stream labs OBS.

#3 Best editing software – Filmora -FREE

Filmora is honestly a great editing tool and i use it to edit almost all of my videos and on top of that it is free so If i ever wanted to stop using it i would simply uninstall it as u never have to pay for it.

Thank you all for reading this blog I hope you enjoyed if you want check out my YT Channel @Drago Gaming link: