Epic Battle Simulator Step 8: Adding an attack function for Goldur

Now with yesterday’s blog we finished adding in the sprites for goldurs attack now we need to make sure this missiles will home in on our Mech and actually deal damage to it.

With this code we will now have a place for our sprite to go and a way for it to be cloned. now we need it to have a destination to go to once it is cloned as well as a way to make it stop cloning itself

This code will allow the missiles to target the mech and glide over to it and it will also make it so that the missiles will be deleted even if they do not touch the Mech.

Also we need to add this code that will make it so that the missiles will be deleted on contact with the mechs bullets and the same goes for the mechs bullets as soon as they have contact with the missiles they will be deleted.

And last but not least we need the position of the missles.

These are my coordinates for the left missile

And these are my coordinates for the right missil

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