Epic Battle Simulator Step 6: Adding a 2nd Boss to our game!

As you know this is an Epic Boss Fighter game and ass such we need more than 1 boss so for our 2nd boss I am adding a large golem made out of metal. And as this is the boss I wanted this is the sprite I chose.

Now that we have our sprite we also need a backdrop to put him in so I chose this one.

Now that we have our sprites as always lets get started with the code for our new boss Goldur

Now this code will prevent Goldur from showing up on anyother backdrop so it wont interupt any of other stages.

And for our final piece of code for this blog we will be adding his appearance code which basically tells him to come out of hiding.

Thats it for this blog thank you for reading and if you have any questions email me (Email in about me section) and if you want check out my YT Channel @Drago Gaming link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrlNUqQVBxLIbdltHQBdcYg?view_as=subscriber