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It’s been a bit since I’ve posted sorry for that I was really busy with summer school finals and projects but now I’m back and ready to upload more blog posts and content which is where the title comes from. As you probably know by now my YouTube channel is mostly gaming focused and recently I’ve been playing a lot of brawl stars. So I’m going to start a series of Brawler and general game guides to help people push certain brawlers and their overall trophies.

I figured this was a good place to announce it, now lets get into the details! My first guide will be on the legendary character Leon as I used to be a leader board Leon player when he first came out and I understand his mechanics extremely well. In these blogs I will include more supplementary information that I may or may not include in my videos. So it will be a good thing to refer back to.

Leon is classified as an assassin whose main purpose is dealing ridiculous damage. He throws 4 blades in approximately a 45 degree arc. Based on the direction you are moving you can either increase or decrease said arc. This makes Leon’s attack more versatile as when you are trying to hit a target with the maximum amount of blades you can constrict your “spray”. Conversely when you are trying to spread out your attack to do something like check bushes you can do that as well.

Another important mechanic that you need to know with Leon is the fact that his blades do less damage the father they travel. The total damage reduction can be as much as 50%. So it is important to try and get as close to a brawler as you can before you start attacking.

Luckily Leon’s super is the perfect ability to help him do that as it makes him completely invisible for 6 seconds. This can allow him to position him self close to enemy brawlers without them even realizing it. However there is one catch if Leon attacks his invisibility will instantly disappear leaving him vulnerable. Also if Leon gets within 3 tiles of an opponent they will be able to see him. If he moves out of that range he will no longer be seen.

The most effective way to use Leon in almost every game mode is to charge his super. It will allow him so much freedom to roam the map and to position himself in such a way that the enemies wont expect. This is honestly the key to using Leon effectively no matter the game mode or situation.

There is one more thing to talk about in terms of his abilities and that is of course Leon’s gadgets. His first gadget is called clone projector and it does exactly what it says. It creates a clone of Leon that has the same amount of hp as you as soon as you use it and it runs to the nearest opponent stays near them until it expires. There are a few downsides to this clone and they are as follows: The clone cannot attack, the clone only runs straight at opponents, and the clone takes twice as much damage. However it does have some upsides: The clone has the same skin as you, it allows you to track opponents even in bushes and it allows you to do some invisible out plays as players wont realize you are invisible and they are fighting a clone until it is too late.

Leon’s second gadget is called lollipop drop. When activated this gadget drops a lollipop that creates an invisibility circle around it. This gadget has 1500 hp and it loses 75 per second which means if it is not damaged it lasts for 20 seconds. However enemies can shoot it and greatly reduce it’s health. This gadget can essentially be used as a temporary bush and it is extremely useful in team game modes. If your team does not have a sandy whose ultimate creates a huge invisibility field this gadget can be used in its place.

The final thing we have to discuss are Leon’s star powers. His first starpower is invisiheal which allows Leon to recover 1000 hp every second that he is invisible. This is by far my favorite start power as it gives his super a defensive quality along with an aggressive one. His second star power, Smoke Trails, Is in my opinion more aggressive. It allows Leon to move 30% faster while he is invisible . Technically this star power could be used to escape but if you are low it will take a while for you to start healing so your enemies could possibly hit you while you are running away. But if you were to use this star power aggressively it would be almost impossible for an enemy brawler to escape from you.

Ill have a guide on my YouTube channel today so I’ll link it right here. Link:

I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next time.

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