Pc building guide (Part 1)

As the title suggests this is going to be part one of a multi-part series detailing how you can build your very own PC. I will also include a bunch of other resources that may be of use throughout these posts. With that said lets get into it.

Our first set of steps will need the following pieces of your pc: GPU, CPU, Case, Motherboard, RAM, and powersupply. These are of course your main PC components but we will need them all for todays part of the build.

To start you will need to remove the front panel of your pc case as shown in this picture.

As well as any other panels that you can. Next, we will need to put our RAM and CPU into/on our motherboard. This will require some thermal paste as well as a CPU cooler so make sure you have those for the RAM however simply plug the sticks into their slots

Push these caps open and insert and close the caps and your RAM is all set.

For the CPU however you will first need to unclip the CPU protector from the motherboard which is a small piece of metal that is temporarily hinged there.

Then carefully place in your CPU as shown above and close the clip

Securing it in place. From here on top of the metallic part of your CPU you will need to apply a pea-sized dollop of thermal paste and then put your CPU cooler on top of it as shown in the pictures below.

Make sure to place the bottom side of the CPU cooler onto the CPU as the top side is just the fan, and screw it in. Next, you will need to plug your GPU into your motherboard. Thankfully your GPU is likely quite large and can be put in its own place inside of your PC.

The cables should look something like this and should plug into your motherboard into a similarly shaped hole.

Our final step for today’s post is connecting the power supply which requires a very large cable and socket in the motherboard that should look similar to that of the GPU

That’s it for today’s post I hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two and I’ll be back tomorrow with another interesting topic.