Best extracurricular’s for college

For most people, to get into well reputed and highly ranked colleges requires not only good grades but also impressive extracurricular achievement. This because you need to make yourself special or different to stand out. Which can’t be done through good grades and good college essays.

There are hundreds possibly even thousands of extracurricular’s that people pursue from sports to cooking. However some of these aren’t as unique unless they are being done at the highest level. So let’s go over some of the most unique extracurricular’s out there!

  1. Boy Scouts
    Now this might not sound like a very unique extracurricular because there are thousands of people out there doing it. However very few ever reach the level of eagle scout. This is because of the sheer amount of time and dedication it takes to reach that level. Also boy scouts goes hand in hand with community service as to become an eagle scout you need at least 100 hours of community service. Which gives you a great distinction from the rest of your competition.

2. School Clubs/Teams
School Clubs/Teams are a great extra curricular to have on your college application as they show how you can communicate and work well with other people from all different walks of life. This is also a very accessible extracurricular as anyone can do it however, not everyone can do it well.

3. Part Time Jobs
Part time jobs are a great way to prove that you have a great work ethic as well as practical work experience. An especially good part time job could be an internship at a company like Apple or Amazon or even a small local business. I currently am doing an internship at a small robotics business close to where I live. I essentially help mentor kids in robotics and help them build all sorts of different variations of robots to see which one accomplishes a task the best.

4. Leadership positions
Colleges prefer having students with leadership positions in a variety of activities as it shows commitment and of course leadership. Which are 2 very important characteristics for a person to have. A good example of a leadership position is being the leader of a sports team or the editor of a school newspaper. In my case I am currently the Jr. Head of Business on my robotics team and next year I will be the Sr. Head but at the moment I am too young/inexperienced.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post see you next time!