Valorant Economy

As you can tell by the title of this blog it will be all about the inner intricacies of Valorants Economy and how you can use it to your advantage each and every time you play.

There are a few main terms that you need to know as they are very important to the rest of this post. The first is Eco or a save round which is when your team buys very little and the main purpose of this round is to take away enemies’ guns. A hard save is when your team does not buy at all. Next is a buy round where your team all buys rifles and heavy shields. Creds are credits or valorant’s currency during a game. Pistol round which is rounds 1 and 13 as this is when all the guns and credits are reset and you can only buy pistols/sidearms. Finally, a bonus round is where your team has guns and doesn’t need to buy.

Your economy comes into play as soon as the pistol round (round 1) starts. It is important to plan with your team on what guns to buy as a winning pistol round is huge and can often impact an entire half or even a game. Winning a pistol round allows you to buy second round while your enemy has to save. This means that you should easily be able to win rounds 1 and 2 and you should not buy on round 3 assuming you kept your gun from round 2. Now round 3 your goal is to hurt your opponents eco to the best f your abilities by taking away their guns as this is your bonus round where you have nothing to lose. If you are able to win a bonus you are just adding insult to injury as it isn’t super necessary. If you lose the bonus that is totally fine and you should buy a rifle for the fourth round. This round once again sets the pace for the next couple of rounds as it is often the first real round where both sides have credits for rifles.

Winning this round is great and really helps set the pace for the game and essentially makes it so that you shouldn’t have to eco very often. Another important thing to pay attention to however is how your teammates are buying. As if a lot of your teammates are dying every round you might need to eco as it is important to buy with the team. So even if you don’t need to eco it is a good idea to buy with your team. This next part of an eco kind of has to do with gameplay more so than just buying guns. This is how you should play as a team to make sure that you maintain a good economic state. For example, if a player on your team buys an operator another person on your team should peak with them to grab the operator if they die and to support them in general. This is primarily because an operator is 4,700 credits which is about 1.6 times as expensive as a rifle. Meaning that it is important to save and keep within the team.

That’s about it for this blog and this coming week I will be releasing a video with more depth so feel free to check that out.

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