Different Types of Peeking in Valorant and when to use them

This is a different type of blog post but I figured it would be interesting to write something that isn’t necessarily educational or related to robotics/coding once a week just as a nice break. But with that let’s get started.

There are 7 main types of peeking in Valorant. They are as follows: jiggle peeking, jump spot, jump peek, regular peek, crouch peek, Ferrari peek, and double peek. Now, this may seem overwhelming but they aren’t too complicated.

We should start with jiggle peeking which is when you peek out from behind cover with either a or d and immediately after you see around whatever you are behind you press the opposite key and immediately get back behind cover. This type of peeking keeps you safer than slowly peeking out and exposing your player to the enemies. Jiggle peeking makes you harder to see and aim at.

Next up is jump spotting where you are behind cover but if you jump you can see over it. In this situation hold crouch jump and then let go of crouch as soon as you land. And it will make your jump silent and will expose less of your head.

After this is jump peeking which is probably the hardest peek out of all the others on the list and what you do is jump and peek an angle while pushing a and s or d and s. this increases your maneuverability in the air and allows you to peek an angle very quickly and it exposes very little of your player model making it nearly impossible to shoot you.

We go back to the classics which is a regular peek, but it can be enhanced with a counter strafe. First, peek as you normally would, and as you are going to stop instead of letting go of the key you are peeking push the opposite key for example if you are pushing a push d and if you are pushing d push a. This will cause your character to come to an immediate stop and it will reset your gun accuracy faster than just letting go of one key. Which can give you the split-second advantage you need in a gun fight.

Up next is another variation of a classic peek and it is the crouch peek. This peek is used to punish people aiming for the head which makes it more effective in higher ranks. When you are crouching you move slower but your head is considerable lower making your opponent adjust their crosshair. This peek just requires holding crouch and normally swinging at an angle.

This upcoming peek is the riskiest of them all but it is the Ferrari peek. It is called this as you essentially run past an angle and then stop and shoot any enemies you see. The main reason this type of peeking is used is because it requires your opponents to move their crosshair over and track you. But in Valorant many people aren’t great at tracking as movement is not that advanced.

FInally we have double peeking. This is when you and a teammate peek an angle to almost guarantee a trade if one of you dies. This is best to do especially when up players to keep that advantage. If you are doing this type of peek MAKE SURE TO NOT to STAND IN FRONT OF ONE ANOTHER as if you do the opponent will just be able to shoot one of you through the other.

That’s it for today’s video if you want some more examples to check out my youtube video on this very topic.