What opportunities have I gotten from robotics?

I’m sure people are wondering what the benefits have been from doing robotics all these years so I figured I would share some.

The first benefit I have received may seem trivial but robotics has improved my teamwork skills because not only in school but in life you are going to encounter all sorts of people that you have to work with. If you don’t have good teamwork skills it could lead to arguments/disagreements in your work place or at school.

I have also gotten the privilege to go to over 20 tournaments all around California and got to meet lots of other people from other schools and other walks of life. This was mostly in high school and middle school but I did attend some tournaments in elementary school.

I have also recently gotten an internship to help mentor kids in robotics during school and during the summer as well. I do get paid however I am mostly doing it for the experience of mentoring a large group.

I also help mentor at my middle school so that the kids who may be new to VEX robotics can get some help and further their understanding.

I have also gotten quite a few team awards from robotics as it isn’t individual they aren’t “my” medals but rather my teams shared awards

I have also have learned coding from simple blocks to java and JavaScript. Which is definitely a good skill to have for lots of different reasons. This experience was especially helpful for things like my AP computer science principles class.

Those are all the main benefits I have gotten from robotics thus far. I hope you guys enjoyed this post see you next time!