Shield Clicker Project Part 4

In today’s project we will once again be working on the shop and adding new items to it. As there isn’t much more to add to the actual clicker screen. So we will be adding a new shield a new auto clicker and a new special upgrade which we might have to wait to add. But lets get started.

First things first I have to design a new shield.

This is the design I chose for the shield now from here the code.

This is quite similar to the previous shield purchasing code as it first checks to see if the players shield count is above the cost threshold it then allows the item to be bought for the correct price. After this it updates shield count and deletes all the old shield info and shows the new shield.

This is also quite similar to the last shields code in the way it sets positions on timeouts and increases the shields times a multiplier and then updates the text.

Sorry this is a short lesson the next one will be longer and will include more info on updating our shop.

Thank you all for reading and make sure to check back for another post.