New Cookie Clicker Project!

I got inspiration from my last project to create this brand new cookie clicker project. Mainly when I was unable to figure out what was wrong with my lists but I tried adding a .length to my list and I was able to find how I could make a cookie clicker game in a similar way. Anyway lets get started.

This game of mine will actually not involves cookies but more rather the player will be clicking a shield that will be upgrade able. Obviously to start I will need to find some images I like.

This is the shield icon I ended up choosing but you really can use anything. From here I will add this into and begin working on a UI and possibly the code.

I made a pretty basic UI with all the necessary parts and a shop button which takes the user to the shop screen this will be some of the first code that I will be implementing into my game.

To make this code we will need to grab an on event and fill in the blanks with what we want the code to act upon.

This will now allow us to add a function that the app will perform once the shop button is clicked. In this case it will be taking us to a different screen.

Now lets test it out.

And just like that as soon as we run the code and press the shop button it takes us to the currently blank shop screen. Now I will make this UI and then begin working on some more code.

At the moment this shop AI is very basic because I haven’t decided what to add to it yet. And for right now I will mostly be working on the main screen for code so I’ll get back to this later.

But I think that’s it for this part of the project I hope you enjoyed and in the next one we will be coding our shield. So stay tuned!