How to make video games while only knowing little to no code.

There are many different tools that you can use nowadays to code that require little to no coding knowledge and these games can be made on almost any plat form through all sorts of different applications like scratch, core, and construct as well as many others.

So in todays post I’m going to be talking about these coding websites/apps that are easy to code games with that require very little experience.

#1 Scratch

First off we have a classic scratch this is the language/website that I used when I first created this blog and when I was in elementary school up until about the start of 6th grade. This is probably one of the best ways to start learning coding as it is simple and fun and it can be used to make amazing games. And the good thing about scratch is that it works across many different platforms via the app or either way you will still be able to create great games for free with the help of all the tools and experienced coders in the scratch community. Also because scratch uses block code it is quite easy to learn and understand and all the ode blocks are fairly simple but when they are put together they can create something very complex and amazing.

Eng:Scratch Cat - Test-Scratch-Wiki

#2 Construct

Construct is a coding language I started getting into during 6th grade and I have continued experimenting with it through 7th grade and now the start of 8th grade. It is an excellent intermediate language as it uses code that is actually java script that is compact into easier to understand blocks that make up your code. This code is definitely more detailed and complicated than scratch but it can be used to create amazing games like Mario, Legend of Zelda, gran track and many other classics. It can also be utilized to make games that you can post on and steam to sell and make money off of but that requires a considerable mount of experience and time to get good enough at making games in construct to do this but with some hard work and patience it is possible.

Create Games with Construct
Construct Logo

#3 Core

Core is a more advance language that is pretty new but it can be used to make more realistic 3-d games that are similar to the ones sold in the market today. For example games like Valorant, Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Also these games can be made quite simply compared to games made with other engines like unity and unreal. Also it comes with a variety of templates that are pre-made so that way you can focus on the details and core can do the heavy lifting. I plan to start exploring core this school year to learn about how it works and hopefully being able to teach you guys as well.

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Thank you all for reading this blog post I hope you enjoyed. And check out my YT channel where i stream some quality minecraft and valorant gameplay. link:

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