How I made MARIO in Construct V.3 Pt.10(Climbing)

In today’s blog post I’ll be showing you how to add code that will allow our player to climb on the vines at the end of the level and this will also allow us to get to the final area of the level.

So our first event is cplayer is overlapping vine. Because we don’t want Mario to be able to climb up the vine with out even overlapping it. Next on key up arrow pressed set cplayers climbing value to true and when we press the down arrow then also set climbing to true. And then we make sure that these actions only trigger when mario is not on the ground.

Next we’ll add an event cplayer is overlapping vine, then a sub event that ensures that mario is climbing. With these events we can finally add our actions that will be as follows set platform gravity to 0 and then we add another sub event keyboard up arrow is down. After which we will set platform vector y to -200 and then set marios animation to climbing at speed 8. and a system else with the actions set platform vector to 200 set animation climbing and set the speed to 0. Finally we make it so that if our platform is on the floor climbing is false. Now with this code lets try climbing the vine.

This is our player going up

And this is down (sorry that they look the same but its more obvious in game)

These are the 3 final lines of code I have for now I will be adding more later this week but for now this is all she wrote so lets finish it. First we need a platform not overlapping vine and we’ll add a set platform gravity to 750 and a set climbing false. After this we will add a subevent of platform jumping. and then another event cplayer is climbing.

Thats it for this blog post I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment and check out my Yt Channel @Drago Gamin link:

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