Best accessories for a beginning gamer!

So as you probably already know I have a YouTube channel where I stream and make videos on almost everyday and as such i need to have a good setup but I cannot have one that is too expensive as I am not buying it with my own money. So I have compiled a list of some of the best accessories for a new gamer with a budget.

Mt budget for this was 300$ for all of my accessories. i.e my webcam, mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, monitor, light, cables and my speaker system.

#1 Razer cynosa v2

Chroma RGB Backlit Keyboard - Razer Cynosa V2

This keyboard is my pride and joy as it is mechanical and it has an extremely fast response time. Obviously you will need a quality keyboard if you want to play any video game as it is necessary for many things. And it has very nice rgb lights, key caps, and it is relatively cheap at 60$

#2 Razer mamba wireless

Wireless and Ergonomic Mouse for Gaming - Razer Mamba Wireless

This mouse is also from Razer. In my opinion they have the best accessories by far compared to any other brand. But i’ll go more in depth about that in another blog. The reason I love this mouse is because it has customizable rgb lights, it has up to 16,000 dpi, and the best feature this mouse has is that it can be wired or wireless depending on how you feel because you can remove or add the wire whenever you want, And it is rechargeable so no need to waste money on batteries.

#3 Logitech c525 hd webcam Logitech HD Webcam C525, Portable HD 720p Video Calling with  Autofocus - Black: Electronics

Webcams are an important part of a streamers setup as they can be used as a facecam or mouse cam depending on what the streamer wants. There are a couple beenfits to the 525 that make it an ideal webcam for people on a budget as compared to the razer kiyo which is 100 dollars the 525 is much more affordable at 60$ and although the kiyo has a light you can buy a nice ring light for about 10-15$ so the 525 is a much better budget option.

#4 Dell Monitor 20 inch (one thing is that this monitor was my dads old monitor and as such it was free so I did not include its cost in the list.) Dell E1916HV VESA Mountable 19" Screen LED-Lit Monitor,Black:  Computers & Accessories

This monitor probably costs about 100$ and my qualities 1420/880 but nowadays the monitor’s quality will likely be 1920/1080 but it is relatively cheap and it has a good refresh rate (about 100) and all in all it is a great quality monitor for its cost.

And thats basically it for my gaming setup and I hope you enjoyed this and comment down below if you want me to make lists of other good gaming equipment. Also check out my Yt channel @Drago Gaming link: