How I made MARIO in Construct V3 Pt.5 (Enemies die)

In this blog we will add on to our last blog as now enemies will move and they will hurt us so without further delay lets get into it.

To start we will need to add an event.

Now I know this probably looks intimidating but is pretty simple and I will explain how it works. First we add our event cplayer on collision with enemies and instead of adding an action we will add a subevent. cplayer platform is falling and then we add another condition enemies type does not equal spiked. Because obviously you cannot jump on spiked enemies. Then we will need to add a whole bunch of events.

Our first event is set collisions disabled which may sound weird but it makes the enemies death more satisfying. Then we play the enemy hit sound, next we set cplayer to -400y which actually is pretty high up in the air. Now this is where it satrts to get a little tricky. First we need to spawn another object on top of our enemies which is our score popup text. Then we need to set that text to Enemies.bonus.

After that we need to add Enemies.bonus to our score and finally we need to wait 0.5 seconds and then we will destroy our enemies and when an enemy dies it should look similar to this.

Enemy dying

As you can see our enemy has died, we have gained 100 points and since we set collisions disabled our enemy fell through the ground.

Thank you all fro reading sorry this was a short post check out my yt @Drago Gaming link: