How Game Creators make money (Non Pay to win game creators)

In light of the recent release of Valorant I bet many people across the globe are wondering how they make money because the game itself is free. And not just Valorant there are tons of video games that are free that make millions or even 10’s or 100’s of millions each year despite them being free. Keep reading to see all the strategies that developers use to make money through their free games.

1. In game purchases

This is a very common thing to see in video games and in particular free games. These purchases help you boost yourself to either do better or they can make the game easier. This is especially evident in Valorant where many players buy skins that improve the look of their weapons and these skins can cost anywhere from 5$ to about 25$

ELDERFLAME Collection Showcase | VALORANT Ultra Edition Skins ...
Elderflame skin pack valorant (Basically makes your guns animated dragons)

This skin pack cost is 95$ and it comes with 5 skins. The skins are for the following guns: The vandal, The operator, The judge, The frenzy, and the Knife. These skins are amazing animated dragons (I wish I could have bought them ngl) But they are wayyy to expensive for the average consumer because most players wont spend almost 100$ on just some skins. But there are people who will buy these skins because of how amazing they look despite the cost.

2. Advertising and sponsorships

Now this may sound a little weird that the devs paying streamers would be counter productive seeing as they would be loosing money. But the thing is when streamers endorse your game they will get more people want to play the game. Also you can give them free skins which costs you nothing and it helps encourage people to buy skins because their favorite streamer is using it.

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