The second wave of the corona virus

Now some people may know but plagues like the corona virus come in waves and beginning around mid march this year until about mid June was the first wave of the corona virus because it was the period of time where there was basically a lockdown across the globe and people did not leave their homes. But now as we enter into July things are opening up once again and the cases of corona virus keep spiking (at the time of writing this there are 10, 972, 829 confirmed corona virus cases globally). With this second wave there will be a spike in Cases as kids will likely go back to school which could cause lots of problems

Once this spike occurs schools and public areas will likely be shut down and we will go back into a lock down state where people will have to quarantine themselves once again which will likely cause lots of frustration for people as they had just been free for the duration of summer but they are once again forced to go into quarantine because there was almost no social distancing during the spike as people had just come out of quarantine and they have little care about rules after seeing friends or family for the first time in 6 months

The economy will also crash once again and companies will likely have to let go of some more people or cut salaries. And if this happens unemployment and poverty will drastically increase everywhere and as such the entire world will once again go into a chaotic state.

Although this chaos can be prevented quite simpl if the governemnet doe