How valorant was made pt 3

If you haven’t read my previous blogs The massively popular multiplayer game Valorant then I have already explained how Valorant was made in unreal engine and how they got the voice actors for each of the 11 characters but I haven’t gone over how the game was marketed and tested. Well the devs of Valorant did an excellent job marketing I can personally say I saw ads for the game on you tube more than 3 times a day following its release and it persuaded me an millions of others to download the game.

Also another amazing marketing strategy they used was they made it so that the game was free to install and play. Meaning that anyone could play the game as soon as it was installed and they made it so that paying to win was impossible because there were no items/abilities that you could buy to enhance your characters. Their ingame purchases however were very enticing because the skins they made/developed were AMAZING and they often had great animations and abilities that made them worth lots of money. And as a result Valorant made tons of profit.

Now one way they bug tested the game that was completely genius is they made it early access and allowed some players/streamers to play early access which did 3 things. 1. More free advertising for the game through streamers. 2. More hype for the game as all popular streamers were playing it. 3. FREE bug testing. The first 2 points are other marketing tactics that Riot Games the creators of valorant used to make even more players/people want to get their game and they used streamers and early access players help them by playing the game and subsequently discover bugs they found while streaming. When these bugs were discovered they were patched that way these would not be a problem once the game came out globally.

Finally Riot Games did an excellent job when it comes to developing a unique battle system which has to do with economy as well as FPS skill. Because even great FPS players will lose to players with a superior economy because this will allow them to spend their credits wisely when buying guns each round and as a result they will never run out of credits. Also this plays a role in team strategy as you do not want your team to be low on credits EVER as this gives the enemy team a considerable advantage. And buying your teammates guns and requesting guns is a good way to help the poorer players in a round and a way to balance a teams economy.

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