Streaming Tips and tricks for beginners

First off this is primarily a guide for new streamers not really people who have experience because they will likely already know these things and as such it will not exactly be that useful for them. But anyway lets get started with this list.

#1 ALWAYS check that your mic is working

This is probably one of the most basic mistakes new streamers make they just assume that their mic is working and they start streaming but then when they end the stream or see part of it they realize their mic audio quality is Terrible. So always make sure your mic is working before you start streaming.

#2 make sure you are still recording/live

Sometimes recording software can glitch and this can cause the stream to end abruptly so make sure to check that you are streaming generally with another device that way in case your stream does abruptly stop you can just restart it.

#3 If you are playing a multiplayer game then assemble a party beforehand

This rule is a little more game specific but if you are like me and you stream multiplayer games I would recommend assembling a party beforehand on discord or some other platform where you can all talk as this will make game play more fluid for both you and the audience watching as you will not have to struggle trying to communicate with random teammates.

#4 If you want to ensure that you stay monetizied and u dont want to be distracted while streaming MUTE OUR CHAT other than teamchat obviously

So again this is a basic tip just mute the chat because people can be toxic, they can advertise things, and they can distract you. So all around it is better if you mute chat obviously don’t mute team chat but mute public chat that way you are not distracted.

#5 Always communicate w/ your teammates so that you guys dont make easy to avoid mistakes

Some obvious mistakes at least in bedwars could be placing a bad defense when your teammate was saving for a good one, taking your other teammates kill and or resources and letting the best bridger in your squad bridge.

That’s going to be it for this blog post i hope you enjoyed and check out my Yt channel @ Drago gaming