Epic Boss Simulator Step 7: Moving Goldur and giving him health and attacks!

In this blog we will begin to add important code to our 2nd boss Goldur. This code will include the following : Movement code, Health variable code, and the beginning of his attack code.

First lets start with Goldurs movement code

With this movement code Goldur will glide around the map in a sort of figure 8 pattern. This will hopefully make it harder for the player to kill Goldur.

Next we will have to add our health variable code for Goldur that will actually make it so that he can take damage.

This will be our code that makes it so that the golem takes damage and we also need one piece of code to set his health

This code should look familiar if you read my last post as this is just the top part of the Goldur appearance and the reason goldurs health is set to 10 and not 600 is because I am currently bug testing the game and other features.

And now with those 2 codes in conjunction Goldur can take damage.

Finally we will need to begin Goldurs attack mechanic/function and as such we will need sprites forhis weapons

I decided to give our friend Goldur 2 surface to air heat seeking missiles that will track down the Mech and deal 5 damage each to it. We will go over all of the code for these 2 missles in my next blog post tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading this blog email me if u have any questions (shrey.agarwal.ca@gmail.com) and check out my YT channel @Drago Gaming link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrlNUqQVBxLIbdltHQBdcYg?view_as=subscriber