Epic Boss Fighter Step 5: Adding a shop (pt. 3)

This is the third part of this step I know it has been a long one but you need to be thorough as if you don´t it will likely mess up the shops functions/mechanics. Now in this step we will be adding another item to our shop called a basic health kit.

And as always we have to start off with a good design for our sprite.

This is the sprite that I chose but obviously you can create any sprite you want and now that we have our sprite ready let´s get started on our code.

This is the same set of command we used for our advanced mech bullets to ensure that neither of these sprites appear on any other backdrops aside from actual shop to buy stuff.

Now that we have these commands we can start adding our commands to allow us to purchase the health kit.

These 2 pieces of code will allow use to start changing how the health kit looks when actual shop to buy stuff shows up and when we hover over the health kit.

Next we will add commands to allow us to purchase the actual item by clicking on it and this function will also be pretty similar to our advanced mech bullets.

And finally with these 2 pieces of code we will now be able to purchase this item and it will instantly heal the mech by 20 health.

Thank you all for reading this blog I hope you enjoyed and if you want check out my YT channel @Drago Gaming link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrlNUqQVBxLIbdltHQBdcYg?