Epic Boss Fighter Step 5: Adding a shop (pt. 2)

This is our second part of step 5 so if you have not read the part 1 blog I would strongly suggest you do that as it will cover all the things you need to do before this step.

Now lets get started.First of all now that we have our backdrop chosen we can add some items to our shop.

Our first item will be the advanced mech bullet.

This advanced mech bullet will replace your old mech bullets and they will deal 20 dmg to bosses as opposed to the 10 the old bullets do. Now this bullet wont need very complicated code but it does have quite a few pieces of code. Without anymore delays lets get started.

With these first pieces of code we will make sure that our Bullets dont show up on any places where we dont want them to for example thev runzol backdrop as well as the goldur backdrop for our 2nd boss.

Now that we have that code its time for the code that actually allows the player to purchase the bullets

With this code once our backdrop becomes actual shop to buy stuff the advanced mech bullet will show itself and it will be able to be purchased for 50 coins which is the exact amount of coins you get for killing Vrunzol

And with these final commands our bullet will be ready to be bought but not quite ready to be used and these commands are very important as they ensure that the player only spends 50 coins and if they do not have 50 coins they will not be allowed to buy it.

Thank You all for reading this blog if u have any question email me (email in about me section) and check out my YT channel if u want @Drago Gaming link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrlNUqQVBxLIbdltHQBdcYg?