Epic Boss Fighter Step 2: Mech attacks and Vrunzol movement

To start this blog post I will be showing you how to create the Mechs attack. This will allow the mech to damage Vrunzol.

The first step will be to create thefiring animation and honestly this step is the most difficult as it will require a couple of complicated pieces of code. So here is thefirst piece we need.

This is the basic piece of code we will need for the mechs bullets and this piece of code will go into the bullet sprite not the Mech. This will make it so that when I press down my mouse pad it will create a clone of itself although this clone will not move as we have not told it to so it will just stay exactly where it was created which was right on top of the sprite.

Now that we have this we need to add our second piece of code which is pretty long but it does allow our sprite to have pretty clean movements.

I am sorry that the code is this long but it is to ensure the smooth movement of our bullet as other wise it would slowly be moving and then abruptly stopping until it reaches its destination.

Now that we have these 2 pieces of code we just need 1 more piece for a fully function bullet and then we also have to add 1 or 2 pieces of code to Vrunzol along with his movement code that will allow the bullets to actually damage him.

This final piece of code is simple and so is it´s purpose as it is used to hide the bullet and make it rest on our Mechs arm where his gun is.

now with this our mechs attack is fully functioning and the last thing we have to do is make the attack damage Vrunzol and get his movement code.

First lets start with his movement code.

This will allow Vrunzol to smoothly move across the screen and last we have the damage code.

With the help of our special variable block we will be able to give Vrunzol health that the Mech bullets will be able to deplete and once that health bar gets to 0 Vrunzol will be dead and we will of course give hima nd all of the other bosses a death animation.

That is going to be it for this blog and if you want check out my YT channel @Drago Gaming link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrlNUqQVBxLIbdltHQBdcYg?view_as=subscriber

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