Epic Boss Fighter Step 4: Adding a backdrop and a death animation for Vrunzol

Now that we have our basic attacks and movement code done we need to add some more detail and so we will be adding a backdrop and a death animation for vrunzol.

So to start we will add a backdrop.

I chose this backdrop as I thought it looked like a sorcerers study but you can choose whatever you want for this backdrop and I also suggest you name it Vrunzol Backdrop as there will be many others and it could get confusing.

Now that we have our backdrop lets get to Vrunzols death animation. This death animation will be similar to that of the Evil Warlock in my previous game 2 player battle simulator but it is a little bit different.

I know that this code looks pretty complicated and long but that is just because Vrunzol has to cycle through A Lot of costumes so it is a little long but it just repeating itslef.

And in the end it should look pretty cool and hopefully pretty clean and not spastic.

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