New innovative technologies that help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Now I know it’s a little off the topic of coding but just putting into consideration the things that are going on in the world with COVID-19. I figured it would be useful to give tips and advice for how to keep yourself safe and healthy during these difficult times. And I wanted to share new technologies out there that will help keep you in doing so.


One large problem people are beginning to face is that there are not enough face masks at stores to go to. Luckily EPAM has come up with an innovative solution, The GENTL mask. This product is the first of these many new technologies people are creating all over the world. And this mask is a great example of a brand new technology as it’s press release was only 1 week ago. These GENTL masks are quite interesting in their structure as they cover the entire nose and mouth whereas traditional masks don’t. And as such they do not let any bacteria enter your nose and mouth through gaps that traditional masks don’t cover.

The areas where there are red circles represent areas where bacteria can easily get through your face mask especially when you come into contact with other people. Because when you interact with others you can possibly get microscopic bacteria on your face from talking to them or interacting with them at all and these bacteria will make you sick and more susceptible to COVID-19 and these bacteria could even be COVID-19! 

But instead of using these cheap masks that are mass produced just for companies to make money you could buy the GENTL mask that does not allow for any bacteria to get through. This is because it completely seals off your nose and mouth from bacteria. Also it is easy to communicate through these GENTL masks because they are breathable and they have a special screen that prevents bacteria from going or out. Where as regular masks can be annoying and uncomfortable and they have a very thin and flimsy plastic wall to keep bacteria out that is just completely ineffective. 

These are the links to both the EPAM website for the GENTL mask and the youtube video for the GENTL mask – link to website – link to youtube video

MIT Emergency Ventilators

The next innovative product was developed by scientists and doctors at MIT who were hoping to greatly reduce the cost of otherwise overpriced ventilators. The reason Ventilators are needed is because Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that can compromise the lungs which will lead to suffocation and eventually to death. Which is why we have ventilators that help a patient breath using an automatically refilling airbag to give the patient oxygen. There are 2 main problems with modern ventilators, 1. They are way too expensive, the average ventilator costs around 30,000$ which is the same price as a small car. 2. They take a very long time to manufacture and on average it takes about 1-2 weeks to make a ventilator.

Thankfully the MIT Emergency Ventilator solves both of these problems. The average cost to make 1 ventilator is 500$ and the average manufacturing time is only 1-2 days and as such they are much easier to produce. This new technology is amazing and it was press released today via youtube and the website’s final prototype design was created 3 days ago on March 31, 2020. 

MIT Ventilator

This is a modern day ventilator similar to the ones used in hospitals

This ventilator to the right is the one scientists and doctors created at MIT.

As you can see the MIT Emergency Ventilator is much smaller than the traditional ventilator and it is much less complicated to use. You simply attach an air pipe to the air bag connector that is circled, and once you do that you simply put the breathing mask over the patients nose and mouth and you start the machine. The machine will automatically start using its arms to compress the airbag that pushes air in through the tube and into the patients nose and mouth. The airbag has a special hole that brings in air from all the space around it and then this process repeats itself.

Here is the link to the youtube video where I got most of my information-

Remdesivir Antiviral drug and other Vaccines

Unfortunately this last “Technology” has not been fully tested yet so scientists are still experimenting with it as it used to be a antiviral medicine against ebola but it was never used so scientists are modifying it to fight against Corona Virus and it is currently in clinical trials in companies such as Gilead Sciences, Norvavuax, Moderna, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, and Johnson and Johnson. These 6 companies are leading the frontier of developing a vaccine or antiviral drug to fight against corona virus and they are either developing Remdesvir or other drugs similar to it. These will hopefully be completed around June or July and with these drugs they hope to decrease the death rate of Corona Virus which will also hopefully settle the mass hysteria that everyone is having. This will result in a boost in economy, travel, and business.

Tips to lower the risk of getting COVID-19

Now I can’t Guarentee that these tips will prevent you from getting corona virsu but these are just some things to practice even if you are not in quarantine.

  1. Social Distancing: This is arguably the most important thing that you can do because the less people you interact with the harder it is for the virus to spread and if you do have to interact with people than do it from a distance and make sure to wear proper protective gear when you leave your house.
  2. Wear proper protective gear: If you don’t leave the house wearing good protective gear than you run the risk of getting corona virus and that is not a risk I would recommend taking. But here are my recommendations of what gear you should wear; face mask, gloves, and clothes you don’t mind immediately throwing in the washing machine because they will be super dirty.
  3. Try to only have 1 person go to grocery stores or anywhere outside of the house: this is because you only want a limited amount of people exposed to the outside. And also the people you are sending should not be older than 60 or younger than 18. Because anyone younger than 18 or older than 60 has a higher risk of infection and death.

That was all my tips to fight against corona virus thanks to all of you who made it this far I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will make sure to write more blogs not just about coding but also about whats going on in the world.

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